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All-in-one access

Enjoy the convenience of everything you need within one easy-to-use subscription.

Ultimate flexibility

Find the perfect content for every project in your pipeline without having to predict what you need in advance.

Diverse library

Use your credits however you like on a wide range of content from our library of over 400 million high-quality assets.


Flex your creative muscle


Find the FLEX subscription that's right for you.

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Shutterstock FLEX 25 Subscription

Multi-asset subscription for individual creative professionals and marketers. Get 25 credits to use and download up to 25 images, 3 videos, or 6 tracks per month. 1 image = 1 credit, 1 video clip = 8 credits, 1 music track = 4 credits
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Shutterstock FLEX Subscription

Multi-asset subscription for small and medium-sized businesses. Gain access for 10 team members, Standard licenses on all downloads plus Enhanced licenses on images.
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ent flex premium

Shutterstock FLEX Premium

Multi-asset subscription for major brands and agencies. A premium offer with unlimited users and up-front credits to use whenever you need them.
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Shutterstock FLEX 25 is available in select markets only.